Heritage Research: The Naam (2722 West 4th Avenue)

Built in 1920, this building is currently occupied by The Naam – the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver. When the establishment opened in 1968, it became a popular place of meeting for those involved in the counterculture movement, anti-war activists and advocates of environmental protection. The Naam’s popularity among its clientele reflected Kitsilano’s status as a “hippie neighbourhood”.

The building used to contain both the restaurant and a grocery store, now defunct. Its commercial predecessors included a fish & chips shop, a coffee bar, and a laundromat. Since The Naam has occupied the building, there have been few modifications done to the site. The patio was added in the 1990s while the exterior still retains its original colours and rustic wooden structure.

Source: City of Vancouver Archives


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Katherine Burnett and Lenore Newman, Restaurants that Changed Vancouver: The Naam,’ Spacing Vancouver, 2012.

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