Building Research for Vancouver Heritage Foundation

Since May 2016, I have been researching on heritage buildings in Vancouver as part of my internship with the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. It didn’t occur to me what a perfect oppurtunity this was for someone who is majoring in history and also interested in urban studies/architecture on the side. For a lot of people, buildings are just buildings – they are lifeless bricks and stones. But I realised that buildings, especially public ones, tell stories about a particular city or society that are often unsaid or unwritten. For example, the current Vancouver City Hall building was created in an effort to detach the former City Hall building from the surrounding immigrant neighbourhoods. I think that demonstrates the intensity of racial sentiments that existed in the city during its era of creation. Similarly, we can gather a lot on the social history of a city by studying its buildings.

Click the links below to read on some of the heritage buildings I’ve written about. They are part of the Vancouver Heritage Site Finder project that tells the unspoken story of the city and its buildings:

  1. Vancouver City Hall (453 West 12th Avenue)
  2. Bank of Montreal (2490 Main Street)
  3. Brock School #2 (4860 Main Street)
  4. The Naam (2722 West 4th Avenue)
  5. The Manhattan (784 Thurlow Street)
  6. Bank of Commerce (2199  West 4th Avenue)
  7. St. Augustine’s Church (2028 West 7th Avenue)
  8. Erickson House and Garden (4195 West 14th Avenue)
  9. Doering and Marstrand Brewery (280 East 6th Avenue)
  10. Vancouver Crematorium (5505 Fraser Street)

Support the Vancouver Heritage Foundation at:

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