Heritage Research: Doering and Marstrand Brewery (280 East 6th Avenue)

When the creek area in Mount Pleasant became Vancouver’s first piped waterway, multiple local beverage-makers around the area emerged to take advantage of the creek to power their water supplies. This particular building of exposed brick, stone and beams that used to house the Doering and Marstrand Brewery Co. was one of them. Built in 1904, the building was initially created to house the Fell’s Candy Factory – a company whose name is still exhibited on the exterior of the building. It continued to be used for other industrial and manufacturing purposes such as to produce dairy and ice, along with packing goods.

In 1993, the building was modified when an extension was added to the roof top monitor of the building by Kasian Kennedy Architects to create a live-work space for artists. Today, the building has ceased its industrial use and has been converted into 14 townhouses for residential purposes – each with distinct renovations done by individual owners.

Source: panoramio.com


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