Heritage Research: Vancouver Crematorium (5505 Fraser Street)

The Vancouver Crematorium is located within Mountain View Cemetery and is the oldest crematorium in Western Canada as well as functioning as the only crematorium in Vancouver. It was designated as a heritage building in 1911 due to its unique Art Deco design and social significance to its surrounding community. From 1916 to the mid 1980s, the crematorium was managed by a family business who also managed the Mountain View Cemetery. Its ownership was eventually reverted to the city council who planned on selling it to a private buyer, much to the outrage and protest of the public who insisted on preserving the heritage value of the building and the site. Today, the crematorium and the cemetery continue to be under the management of the city council while its business and administrative aspects are handled by Dignity Memorial Service.

Source: City of Vancouver Arhives


Shelley Fralic, ‘The modernization of Mountain View Cemetery’, The Vancouver Sun, September 01, 2014.

Mountain View Cemetery, City of Vancouver

History of Vancouver Memorial and Services and Crematorium, Dignity Memorial

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